Monthly Lojban Community Roundup — March 2017

It’s time to wrap up March 2017 in this month’s Monthly Lojban Community Roundup, where I attempt to find the month’s most interesting material from IRC, the mailing list, Reddit, Facebook and Twitter, and present it here in a condensed form.

Previous issues:

  1. January 2017
  2. February 2017

Unlike last month, where picking out interesting topics to cover was at least somewhat akin to finding needles in a haystack, there really wasn’t much hay in March at all. It was a calm month, though there were at least a few things worth appreciating.

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The cmavo of selma’o NOIhA are all the hype right now — everyone‘s talking about them.

I wish.

Somehow most people have never even heard of NOIhA. A good while ago, in March 2016 to be exact, I wrote what was to this day the only written documentation of NOIhA out there. But… it’s in Lojban:

I think very few people have read that article. Shocking, I know!


Well, anyway.

Since I consider NOIhA absolutely necessary, the best way to raise awareness is to write about it in English. That is the purpose of the present article.

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